How Ninja Sweets started….Who knew baking cakes could be so much fun?  I always loved being in the kitchen trying new recipes and cakes were a recent addition to my culinary discoveries. Trying unusual flavors and mixing different textures to please the taste buds. So I thought I might as well make them as appealing on the outside as they are on the inside.  However, when I first started taking cake decorating classes it was only to fill some free time during the summer and…besides they look so pretty.  After only the first class my artistic muse was hooked.  I started to take my cakes in for co-workers to enjoy and that’s when the orders started and Ninja Sweets was born.

Join me on this sweet adventure and let my passion for baking make your next event more memorable.

~Linda Duong

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  1. Last year Linda made wonderful cupcakes for my 14 year old daughter’s birthday party! They were dusted with this shimmery glitter powder and were a big hit. Super moist and fluffy. This year she wants Mustache Cupcakes and I know who’s making them!!

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